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Our Story


Was Founded in 2004 in Panama  and now Based in Dallas, Texas 

All cultures are fascinating, so what better than mixing a little of each to get the inspiration.  

First Collection Launched in the Panama Fashion week 2004

Been in cover of magazines in Panama.

Been in National TV many tv Shows in TVN, TELEMETRO, TELEMUNDO.

Natural Stones and Healing Crystals


Each piece is delicately handmade, every stone is selected carefully to get an exquisite combination. 

We use different metals, healing crystals, natural stones and freshwater pearls to create a unique piece of art to enhance your beauty.

The Designer


Meet Miner Deng 

I´m a Asian raised in Latin America based in Dallas.   

Always looking for new styles and trends,  I create every piece for women like myself who seek fashion that challenge simplicity.  I believe that life isn’t about finding ourselves, but creating ourselves and having a bit of fun while we are at it.

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